About Us

One Direction IT Institute

In today’s world the internet is full of opportunities. Unlike earlier days where everyone had to struggle in order to find their desired job. Even after you get a job the companies make you their slave, work from 9 to 5 and gives you limited salary. But now the struggle is about to end. One Direction IT Institute offers you freelancing courses with guaranteed income facilities.

Yes, you heard that right! no other freelancing institute provides you with this opportunity. Our institutes provide almost every courses you would like to enroll in. Our courses include Web Design and Development, Graphics Design, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and many more.

Our Classrooms

Our Classrooms are quite big in size which can accommodate up to 100 students. For each department we have specialized teacher who are quite helpful and sincere towards their work. Our current students are also very happy for the service they receive. Even after completion of the courses the students gets help anytime from our teachers. That’s how friendly and kind attitude is shown towards every student.

We are a registered agent of the Bangladesh government and hence certification is provided by us after course completion. The certificates are highly valued for any student’s job in the future. We will also provide job if the students are highly passionate towards their work.


Now let’s discuss why we should learn freelancing:

Web Design and Development as a Career and Opportunities: Web design and development are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. As numerous websites are being created everyday thus the demand is high but the supply is still very less. So,it’s the right chance to perfect your skill in this field. Throughout the course you will learn to write web pages with a combination of markup languages. Create quality mock-ups and prototypes. Build a WordPress site from scratch. Understand HTML and CMS. Develop functional and appealing websites and web-based applications. Provide website maintenance and enhancements.There are three important things you will learn when creating a website.

Front-end development. The front-end refers to stuff on a website that you see and interact with example: menus, drop downs, etc.

Back-end development. The back-end is like the portion of the iceberg below the surface. Without it, the website can’t function. The back-end deals with servers, applications, databases, etc.

Full-stack development. This is the combination of both back-end and front-end development.


Secondly comes (SEO) search engine optimization which is high priority thing for a website. Basically, you can call it backbone. Without Seo your website will never rank on search engines. So, this work is mandatory for a good website. All the topics are covered for this course and it includes On page Optimization and Off page Optimization.

Such as Backlinks, Bookmarking, Info graphic Submission, Citations, Pdf Submission these are also called foundation backlinks which means they are the foundation of a website. On the other hand,in On page optimization there is yoast Seo and use google analytics tool. Other things like guest posting are used as power backlinks. So you can see the range is huge and lots of job exists for this field.


Now come to graphics designing We’ve seen demand for graphic design courses skyrocket over the last few years, with an increase of new students joining our institution the students learn a lot of new things which makes them creative and just perfect to work for the foreign clients. Here students will learn the essentials of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign while designing real-world projects. In this course, you will have a clear understanding of how to work with both print and web projects in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Your skills will make you create things like flyers, business cards, web graphics, and more. We will also teach you how to become a successful graphic designer so that are employable in the creative industry.

Others Courses

Last but not the least you can learn digital marketing here through which you can help a business and take it to the next level. Examples of digital marketing tactics include: SEO PPC Content marketing. Social media marketing and advertising and more choosing to use Internet marketing gives you  access to a range of strategies. You can pick the ones that match your business, goals, and target market the best, which helps you maximize the impact of online marketing on your bottom line. Digital marketing offers cost-effective marketing solutions. Another thing which is becoming popular is Affiliate marketing through this you can make a ton of passive income. Popular affiliate program such as Amazon affiliate and you can also sell products through YouTube videos. These things are very time consuming but for us we will set up everything in such way so that you can start earning from the first day our courses details

Our Partner

One direction It institute also offer It Solution services mentioned above for corporate business and organization as well. In our institute we have good connection with clients from Fiverr, Upwork, Freelance, Seoclerk so you can trust us and give us the responsibility for making your website stand out on the top of the list. Apart from that you can get currency exchange facility from us. you can join with our Seoclerk Team 

Online Class Opportunities

We are providing online classes for the students who are unable to join our live class. Each class is recorded live and uploaded for the students so that they can practice at home. Our teachers provide assignments for the students at the end of every class. And at the end of every month we take exams so that we can ensure that the students have learnt their lessons properly.

Don’t waste your valuable time

So don’t waste your valuable time anymore come and join us this is your golden opportunity for having a guaranteed income facility within 7th or 8th classes.Students are highly advised for these courses as future will be completely dependent on internet so in order be in the trend learn some amazing freelancing skills from One Direction IT Institute.