Expert Freelancer Shamim sir in Uttara Dhaka

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Expert Freelancer Shamim sir in Uttara Dhaka

Expert Freelancer Shamim sir in Uttara Dhaka

Expert Freelancer Shamim sir can confidently tell you that freelancing is the best, safe and reliable profession rather than any private job or business.  As a freelancer, I should share with you about me and my experience and future of freelancing and that will be the best profession and it will support your life and your family forever as long you live and your family because if you learn freelancing you can do freelancing whole life and you can involve your family and relatives with your work to help you. You know when you start freelancing you will be newborn/totally new abut after working six months you will expert freelancer and you will get more work than you cannot finish it by yourself. as long you will get real file experience to enter in big freelancing and market places world working with your buyer and you will get the review and then this review will help you to get more work and whenever any buyer see your profile then they will get confidence to order you. Because you have already worked with many buyers, have completed many projects, and have many reviews. When you will get more work then you can hair someone or you can get help from your family members like your brother sister, wife, son or daughter. You know if you start any other profession or job then you can not involve your family member. You know you can earn unlimited dollars as a freelancer but you do any normal job in our country with any local company then you will get a limited salary every month then you cannot save for future support.


You know freelancing is one of the best, reliable and safe professions for everybody. You should know that I love my profession very much. I am a full-time freelancer. My full name is Md Shamim Hossain and you search in Google, YouTube, Facebook by expert freelancer Shamim sir then you will get many of my videos about my career, I, about my work, and my company. I am a professional SEO Expert. My main job is to rank a website on Google Besides I am a digital marketing expert, YouTube marketing expert. I am very good at SEO, SEM, and SMM. I rank any website in Google in three months. I belong to Bangladesh at Tangail. I consider myself an Internet Marketing Specialist, Specializing in Search Engine Optimization. You know I have my own IT Institute namely ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE. I want to help people in my country who are interested to learn to freelance. Allah has given me this institution so that I can help people. Where I teach Freelancing to make expert freelancer and earn money working as a freelancer so that can help their family. know more about Expert Freelancer Shamim sir visit our youtube channel


I rely on that English and Computer are most important to get any job or start any business. You know without English and a computer is very hard to get a job. For that reason, I have founded ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE in 2012 to teach English and Some computer Courses like Spoken English, IELTS, Basic Computer, Graphic Design, and Auto Cad. In 2013 I have learned freelancing from my friend and then started freelancing. You know my institute name is One Direction IT Institute. I have now almost 8 years of experience. So I can confidently assure you that you can learn to freelance. It may sometimes depend on your dedication, hard work, and how much time your practice. I will suggest all of you guys do freelancing. I must support you’re my best. Learn Freelancing from an Expert Person who has experienced in this field. So, I am here to serve you. I must teach freelancing so that you must be a successful freelancer and continue Freelancing Work. work with Expert Freelancer Shamim sir


You should know what Freelancing is.

Freelancing is one kind of profession that has no restriction, time limitation. You can work anywhere like at your home or at your office in your village where ever you want. When people work virtually for a particular task for a particular client is called freelancing. Who is working in freelancing market places called Freelancer?


How to Become a Successful Freelancer?

Many ways you can learn freelancing and earn money online but if you want to get 100% guaranteed income and to enter the freelancing industry and grow your freelancing career then you should come to the right place where you will get full support and ensure you to earn and learn money as a successful freelancer.

We are here for you, ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE is always ready to teach you and provide you best of the best means 100% Income guarantee. So don’t lose your valuable time please come soon to ONE DIRECTION IT and let’s starts learning plus earning. If you come to our institute then you can absolutely reach your target. Nowadays Freelancing is one of the best noble professions worldwide. get help from Expert Freelancer Shamim sir



Full Address: House#21/A, Road#35, Sector#7, House Building, Uttara, Dhaka 1230 (Opposite of BGB Market

Contact Number:    01716532349, 01911929364

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Course outline

We offer some computer professional courses for freelancing that are very important for your smart freelancing career and famous in Bangladesh in the IT Sector. Rather than we don’t recommend any other skill to learn to earn money because others works may be hard for you and one of the best reasons to avoid these courses is we are not a native English Speaker. So, that’s all for the brief. Not you should know which courses we offer for freelancing and what the cost to attend the course means what is the course fee. learn from Expert Freelancer Shamim sir

  1. Professional SEO = 1200 TK
  2. Professional Digital Marketing=20000 TK
  3. Professional Graphic Design=12000 TK
  4. Professional Website Design and Development=15000TK
  5. Professional Auto Cad=8000 TK

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Why you can choose our institute to learn and earn money?

Because you will learn from Expert Freelancer Shamim sir who has 8+ plus years of experience as a professional freelancer in different market places like Seoclerk, Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer,99Design, and others. You must work hard for our students so that they can earn within 1 to 2 weeks and after completing our courses you must become a professional freelancer. We take your responsibility to earn and learn advanced techniques to get work from freelancing market places and get more buyers and get long time projects. We have many successful students who are already working as successful full time and part-time freelancer. You can follow our student’s success story to inspire yourself from our YouTube channel and Facebook page and group.