Best freelancing training center in Uttara

best freelancing training center in uttara

Best freelancing institute in Uttara , Dhaka is ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE as all the teachers here are highly educated ,professional having over  five years+ experience in different freelancing platforms. The teachers are highly determined about the success of their students. No other freelancing institute provides such an effort for students with their vast facilities .The teachers work here day and night for the students to give them the support they need when they face any sort of problems.

This institute started its journey in the year of 2012 and is gradually gaining success day by day. The students are so satisfied learning from here. The owner of this institute looks after his students on his own whenever he gets time. He enjoys spending time with the students. Even the students also like him so much for his kind heart .Students of different ages come here to learn freelancing and become successful in their career. There is no need to be a computer expert as the teachers here teach the students by holding their hands.

The owner (Md. Shamim Hossain) looks after it so seriously if the students are getting enough support or not. He talks to the students individually and discusses the problems and gives the solution to it.

This institute offers 100% income guarantee. The students here start earning after doing a few classes. The students can stay here as long as they want and keep learning. The teachers also stay with the students to give them the proper guide when they are in need of it. There are several teachers for different types of courses. Those who are old get more time from the teachers and are treated well.

Online Facilities

It’s not necessary for the students to come to the institute for learning as they provide online support. You will get regular class three days in week and Three days support Class online and offline. The environment is so friendly that the students get attracted too .

Students Facilities

The classrooms are not very big in size and can accommodate up to 20 students. The students are also so friendly with each other. They help each other with their difficulties. Once a student is admitted here they can get the support for lifetime from the teachers. This institute not only teaches freelancing but also teaches the way how to interact with people all over the world. No other institute works this hard as it does. So, there is no doubt that ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE is the best freelancing center in Uttara, Dhaka.

You know, Best freelancing training center in Uttara is ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE and This is one of the top Freelancing Training Institute, and working hard to spread the word about the future potential and positivity of freelancing / outsourcing . One Direction IT Institute has been working with great confidence to make freelancing a competitive field in the global market to make freelancing and outsourcing the career of the future of Bangladesh.

Due to the gradual increase in unemployment, a large number of educated youth are becoming unemployed. Traveling here and there looking for a job, negativity and frustration surround them, in this situation ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE comes as a torch of light to illuminate everyone’s dark life .

We have an expert team of professional freelancers lead by Expert Freelancer Shamim sir, You can visit my Fiverr and Seoclerk Profile. Our classroom quit big in size which can accommodate up to 25 students. For each department we have specialized teacher who are quite helpful and sincere towards their work.

Best freelancing training center in Uttara, One Direction IT is approved by Bangladesh Technical Education Board.

Freelancing and outsourcing are general terms in the online profession, which are used very frequently. Freelancing is working on your own without being part of any organization or business. Outsourcing usually takes place as a contract between two companies. A company acts as a service provider for the client.

A freelancer works independently but has a few obligations as he has to work according to the client’s needs and can make negligible amends in the business plan. An outsourcing staff can manage and formulate strategies according to the needs of the task. Freelancing involves flexible working hours with just the obligation to complete the tasks on time. On the other hand, outsourcing contractors have to work in their office hours and maintain constant communication with superiors.

If you are really interested to learn freelancing and want to become successful freelancer then you are most welcome to ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE. We are very dedicated expert freelancer, working to help our students. Keep confidence on One Direction IT Institute because we must help you so that you must get freelancing work within 1 Week. So stop wasting your time aimlessly and come to ONE DIRECTION IT INSTITUTE to learn what you need to be successful in this freelancing and outsourcing word.

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Freelancing Courses We are offering

  1. Professional SEO
  2. Professional Digital Marketing
  3. Professional Graphic Design
  4. Professional Web Design & development
  5. Professional Auto Cad 2D, 3D and 3D Max.
  6. Professional MS Office application
  7. Professional Video Editing

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Best freelancing training center in Uttara
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Best freelancing training center in Uttara
One Direction IT Institute is the Best freelancing training center in Uttara, approved by Bangladesh Technical Education Board.
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