Basic Computer Training in Uttar

One Direction IT Institute is Basic Computer Training in Uttar Basic Computer Training Initiatives:

  • Operating Systems (OS)
  • Website Browsing
  • E-mail Communication
  • Office Productivity Software

Operating Systems (OS):

Operating systems are the first things to learn before start using a computer. Computers are run by different operating systems. Microsoft Windows, Apple IOS and Kali Linux are the most popular and these are being used mostly all around the world. You will learn how to turn a computer on/off, how to check the configurations of a computer, how to open, save and delete files, how to install a program or a software on your computer, how to open and close programs, how to copy/cut/move or share files and many others that you need to know for successfully using a computer from start to finish in step by step.

Website Browsing:

You will learn how to use different kinds of website browsers for safely surfing on the internet. We will teach you how to properly input correct website address on the browsers. You will learn how to protect your computer from online ransom ware and virus attacks. You will also learn all the differences between every web address extensions such as- com, org, info, net, bd, ind, pk, us, uk, and many more. In a word, you will get a complete guide on how to safely and comfortably browse the World Wide Web.

E-mail Communication:

E-mail is the short form of Electronic Mail. E-mail is an important method of professional communication with people. There are a lot of free e-mail service providers on the internet. Some of the most popular among these are- Google Mail (Gmail), Yahoo Mail and Microsoft Outlook (Hotmail). You will learn how to open or create an email account, how to check email addresses, how to send files via email, how to check email, and how to protect yourself from spam messages. You will also learn how to share cloud files and web links through emails completely.

Office Productivity Software:

Office productivity software is used to create professional documents, data spreadsheets, easily accessible databases, attractive presentations, and many more. You will learn how to use different applications to create all of those. Here are some of the applications you will learn:

  • Microsoft Office Word:

Basic Computer Training in Uttar, Microsoft Office Word is hugely used for creating and handling attractive official documents. You will learn how to create new document, how to change font styles, how to make characters bigger or smaller, how to colorize and highlight fonts, how to insert table/shapes/pictures into your document and add effects, how to check grammatical and spelling errors, and how to save your document to a preferred location step by step.

  • Microsoft Excel and Access:

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and Access Database are two different programs to entry and store various kinds of data. You will learn how to create a data spreadsheet and a safe data base, how to use mathematical theory to calculate data result, how to create graph and chart, and how to save or open files and much more professional tools to present quality data sheets.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint:

Microsoft PowerPoint is a document design and presentation program which is used to create professional presentation of an official project. You will learn how to colorize, design documents according to needs and how to use text and background animation to muster a very attractive presentation. You will also learn how to use the preset themes and customize them according to your preferences to make your presentation even more charming.

In the end, we can say that we will teach you to become more productive, skill-full and confident that you will see yourself as an expert on the basic computer programs. We are always committed to become the ladder to your success. You will also get our lifetime support for you. We are always there for our students. To visit our courses click here. To visit our freelancing profile click here

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